The Kesho Trust

Current Volunteer Positions

The Kesho Trust is looking for two volunteers.  These are training positions that will help the newly selected local staff for a tourist camp learn and implement their responsibilities to a high standard.  The camp is situated in Enguserosambu Ward in the Division of Loliondo, Tanzania.  These are Loita Maasai villages and all the staff are from the 4 villages.

The two positions are strictly volunteer where the volunteer must provide their own international travel, medical and personal expenses but local accommodation will be provided.

We are looking for individuals who can commit to at least 6 weeks of their time to help.  When you come to help is flexible and negotiable.

Interested?  Please contact Bruce Downie to discuss your interest at:


Volunteer Positions

These positions will train and supervise locally selected staff for a tourist camp in the village of Orkiu-Juu.  The camp is a local community initiative and all staff will be from the four local villages of Enguserosambu Ward.  These are Loita Maasai villages and the camp is intended to showcase local culture and their relationship to the community forest lands in which the camp is situated.  The camp is being developed with intended commencement of operations in early July, 2018.  The start up requires capacity building of staff.

Both positions are strictly volunteer but accommodation and food as well as transport to and from Arusha at the beginning and end of the assignment will be provided by the camp.  The anticipated time frame is 3 months for each although the this could vary depending on the needs of staff.  Volunteers could commit to only a portion of the training period with another volunteer taking up the remaining time.  The minimum commitment would be for 6 weeks.  Ideally the positions would commence in early June and continue until the end of August.

As a tourist camp the facilities and services will be of very comfortable standard.  However, volunteers must be prepared to live in a very remote area with few services typically expected in more central locations.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the Maasai culture and make a very meaningful contribution to its sustainability within communities that are committed to their continued traditional relationship to the land.

Camp Manager Trainer

The camp manager is a full-time position reporting to the board of directors of the camp company.  The position is the central and only full-time position in the camp.  It will be responsible for overall operations of the camp.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • planning and budgeting of operations
  • bookings and corresponding scheduling of staff
  • management of staff
  • reception of guests
  • record keeping
  • reporting to the company board of directors

The Camp Manager Trainer will ensure guidelines are established and documented for all the responsibilities of the position.  He/she will also ensure that the Camp Manager gains the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill these duties to the satisfaction of the board.

Hospitality Services Trainer

The camp will have approximately 15 staff members in total with the hospitality areas of food services and housekeeping making up the larger proportion of the staff.  All staff members will be part-time according the occupancy levels of the camp.  Staff will also come from each of the four villages in the ward and therefore will be resident during training periods as well as work periods.  Such a situation makes scheduling a critical component of the training.  Specific responsibilities of the Hospitality Services Trainer include:

  • housekeeping services
  • restaurant services
  • bar services
  • record keeping
  • stock management – food and supplies
  • quality control of food and supplies
  • work schedules
  • performance standards

The Hospitality Services Trainer will ensure the responsibilities and guidelines for each position are established and documented.  He/she will also ensure each staff member gains the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill these duties to the satisfaction of the Camp Manager.  There is an expectation that the work of the Hospitality Services Trainer will be coordinated with a local and experienced camp cook from elsewhere in Tanzania.

The Hospitality Services Trainer will be working with staff who have no or limited knowledge of English.  Key staff people will be selected with English capacity in mind but other volunteers will work with staff to build the essential language capacity relative to their positions.  One of these local volunteers will be assigned to work with the Hospitality Services Trainer.