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Kihembe staff facilities

October 28, 2015  |  Bruce K. Downie

Earlier this year the first facilities were developed on our Kihembe site.  The facilities provide basic accommodation and services for staff and volunteers who will be visitng the site to assit in its development.  The facilities include 4 sleeping rooms, a small office space, a kitchen, an eating area and toilet building.  During my recent trip to Tanzania we were in the area for PECC meetings and took the opportunity to visit Kihembe and see the facilities.   With my for the visit were Agnes Sirima, KT Director, Marie Fischborn, IUCN, and Peter Millanga, KT Project Officer.  Agnes and myself are the two directors appointed from the Kesho Trust to serve as directors of the management company for Kihembe as well.   Two others, Costa Coucoulis and Baraka Kalangahe, represent our partner organizzation SANA.

I took the following photos to illustrate the facilities.