The Kesho Trust

our directors

The Kesho Trust is an international organization whose overall growth and activity is managed by a Board of Directors in Canada. In November, 2011 the Kesho Trust established a Board of Directors to direct and manage the program in Tanzania. The Tanzania organization is governed by an approved constitution and is officially registered as the Kesho Trust (Tz) – an NGO in Tanzania. The Tanzanian Board of Directors provides regular reporting of its activities and program directions to the parent board in Canada. To ensure effective liaison, the Chair of the Canadian Board also sits as a member of the Tanzania Board.

The membership of these boards is shown below with profiles of the individuals involved.

The current Board of Directors (Canada):

  • Bob Brown
  • Rob Cairns
  • Karen Clyde
  • Bruce Downie [Chair]
  • Leslie King
  • Lauren Law
  • Ellen Perkins

Previous members of the Board (Canada):

  • Bob Peart [2005 - 2013]
  • Art Wright (interim 2007 – 2009 – Advisory Committee member)
  • Art Hoole [2005 - 2007]

The current Board of Directors (Tanzania):

  • Symphoroza Hangi
  • Alfred Kikoti [Chair]
  • Jafai Kideghesho
  • Victoria Mushi
  • Agnes Sirima
  • Bruce Downie [Canadian Board Representative]