The Kesho Trust

Child & Nature Alliance

In 2007 The Kesho Trust hosted the first public event of our emerging intiative, the Nature Child Reunion, focused on linking youth with the environment. As the initiative progressed and more and more partners joined in, the establishment of the Child and Nature Alliance [Canada] was planned and implemented to carry the concept across Canada and engage with an ever increasing range of stakeholders. The Kesho Trust is proud to have been the source of such an important movement in Canada and for it strong links with the Children and Nature Network in the United States, led by Richard Louv.

We continue to be involved through representation on the board of the Child and Nature Alliance and of course this youth focused work continues to be a priority for our activities both in Canada and internationally.

We have a partnership relationship with the Child and Nature Alliance as a commitment of our support for the principles and implementation of work in Canada to develop stronger connections between youth and the environment. Those connections may be developed through improving the environmental quality of our cities, expanding access and opportunities for youth engagement within our protected areas or improving the awareness of the importance of the environment in our future.

For more information see the Child and Nature Alliance website.