The Kesho Trust

Elephant Earth Initiative

EE logo xlCreated and led by Dr. Dag Goering & Maria Coffey, Elephant Earth Initiative works to improve global elephant conservation.  Based in Vitoria, Canada, Elephant Earth Initiative engages interested supporters through participation in tours focused on elephant conservation and protection led through a linked adventure travel company Hidden Places.  Support generated through such tours contributes to local organizations and agencies targeting a variety of research and management activities.

Specifically Elephant Earth Initiative strives to:

  • initiate and support the conservation of wild elephant habitat
  • facilitate research of wild elephant populations
  • provide education around captive elephant welfare issues
  • help to develop humane and sustainable elephant tourism projects

 Similar to our partnership with the World Elephant Centre, the Kesho Trust promotes and supports their conservation efforts through our environmental education efforts.  Our current focus in the Saadani area of Tanzania as well as other areas in which we are developing speicifc research and conservation programs includes attention to this iconic species which continues to be under such exploitative pressure in Tanzania and beyond. 

For further information on the activities of Elephant Earth Initiative see their website at: