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Our Initiative

IMG_6379 ccThe Enguserosambu Community Forest Initiative is a strategy to achieve the promise and the possibility of the transfer of community forest management. The strategy will build the capacity of the Forest Trust to carry out its mandate and to initiate the projects that will contribute to the sustainability of the forest and the Maasai culture and way of life. Together they provide a means to address some of the most serious threats to a sustainable future for both.

While developing the framework of this initiative, a preliminary management plan for the area was developed to demonstrate the intentions and fulfil the requirements of the transfer of authority. The EFT has also established a Green Guard program of forest rangers who are monitoring activity and enforcing regulations in the forest as part of their regulatory and management responsibilities.

In all components of the initiative will work with individuals, non-government organizations, academic institutions and other third parties interested in conducting socio-economic, socio-cultural and environmental research in the community forest to better provide benefits that meet the Trust’s objectives for community forest management and the interests of the Maasai. The Board of the EFT will develop and enter into cooperation arrangements and agreements with researchers that will enable them to engage, review and permit research activities that satisfy the conditions for research as established by the Board. This will include advisors through the Kesho Trust with specialized expertise in the various subject areas and who will coordinate the training and participation of Maasai co-researchers in the studies identified.

The initiative is made up of 5 components. Details are provided through the following links on the nature of each segment of the initiative and the stage of its implementation.


Enguserosambu Forest Trust (EFT)