The Kesho Trust


The partnership between the Kesho Trust and the Sunya Ward Education and Training Development Programme [SWEAT], Tanzania, is a new one. We are working at developing practical project initiatives that will reflect the shared values of our organizations. To date we have not actively implemented interventions in the communities of Kiteto District but have developed and submitted funding proposals that could initiate significant joint efforts.

We are hopeful that with increased resources our work with SWEAT will become a reality and link effectively with our partnerships with other Maasai communities.

As part of our process for developing project initiatives, we have conducted a community profile of the villages SWEAT is working with.  Many thanks to Beatrice Simon, a volunteer with the Kesho Trust, who conducted the research work and of course to members of SWEAT who supported her work in the field.  To review Beatrice’s report click here.

For more information on SWEAT click here.