The Kesho Trust

West Lunga Trust

WLT logo - jpgThe Kesho Trust partnership with the West Lunga Trust in Zambia is also based on shared values in community engagement with conservation. The West Lunga Trust was formed primarily with the objective of rehabilitating a national park in the area, the West Lunga National Park, which had been sadly neglected, overhunted and undeveloped. The West Lunga Trust worked hard with local communities to build greater awareness and skills in conservation and to demonstrate the values of rehabilitation of the park area. The Kesho Trust supported these efforts particularly through the work of a Canadian volunteer, Brent Liddle, who went to assist with ecotourism planning in the area.  For a copy of Brent’s ecotourism report click here.

Recently our partnership has undergone a revitalization after a difficult period for the West Lunga Trust.  Watch the news section of our website for posting of their newsletters and project activities we hope to develop through our partnership.  You can also support the work of the West Lunga Trust through donations to the Kesho Trust and identifying the specific intention of your donation [see our website: Donate].

For more information please see their new website: the West Lunga Trust


Photo: B. Liddle – scene along the west lunga river