The Kesho Trust

World Elephant Centre

The Kesho Trust believes in and supports the work of the World Elephant Centre as they seek to promote elephant conservation in Tanzania and beyond.  Research, management, professional development and public education are all central activities of the World Elephant Centre.  Together we are working to develop a world class visitor interpretation centre along the Arusha – Ngorongoro highway that will target international tourism and draw in engagement with the world-wide professional community to address elephant conservation issues globally.

Dr. Alfred Kikoti, a member of the Kesho Trust board in Tanzania leads this organization and is the visionary behind the interpretive centre project.  to learn more about the project and the partnership between the Kesho Trust and World Elephant Centre check our project activity page on our website: World Elephant Centre.

For more information about the World Elephant Centre as an organization follow this link to their website:

World Elephant Centre website