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Kihembe Environmental Learning Centre

The Kesho Trust is especially keen to help young people learn about and engage with environmental management and conservation issues. Many of the communities in which we work are already at risk from the effects of climate change, increasing population and unsustainable land use practices. Young people need the opportunity to learn about the value of the environment in which they live and to help find the adaptations necessary to ensure long term viability of their communities. Find out more about how we are approaching environmental education in the Saadani area. [learn more]

Community Forest Conservation Initiative

The Kesho Trust is partnering with the Enguserosambu Forest Trust [EFT].  The EFT’s mandate is the management of the community forest lands of Enguserosambu Ward for the benefit of the local communities.  The Kesho Trust is assisting in this process through capacity building and advising on management issues and practices.  [learn more]

Almatasia Camp

Almatasia Camp is a specific project of the EFT / Kesho Trust partnership.  This tourist facility will provide considerable benefits to the local Maasai communities because they own, operate and benefit from the facility directly. It is a project under development. [learn more]

Community Conservation Research Network [CCRN]

the CCRN is a global network of 11 study areas focused on investigating linkages between conservation and livelihoods and the relationship of governance structures to those linkages.  The network is led by St. Mary’s University.  Although the network has been established for some time, the Kesho Trust has been asked to participate as an affiliate member because of our work in key areas in east Africa that are not well represented in the network.  [learn more]

World Elephant Centre

The Kesho Trust is supporting our partner organization the World Elephant Centre in the development of a major visitor interpretive facility.  This major project will also include research and conference facilities and be a focal point globally for understanding elephant ecology and management both from a scientific research perspective and from a public education perspective. [learn more]

Elerai Girls Education Program

Traditionally girls in the Maasai communities of Tanzania have not had many opportunities for formal education. Although girls may start school they often drop out early, under pressure to support the family home, get married and raise children. Attitudes are changing however and increasing numbers of girls are wanting to stay in school and are beginning to graduate with qualifications. Find out more about how the Kesho Trust is supporting girls education in the Maasai community of Elerai. [learn more]

Institutional Canopy of Conservation [I-CAN]

Led by McGill University and the Africa Conservation Centre this seven year program will work to identify the most effective designs for future community based conservation programs.  The Kesho Trust will specifically assist in the Loliondo area in cooperation with our partner PALISEP and with the assistance of another partner, the University of Victoria.  The Loliondo study area is one of  seven study areas along the border lands between Tanzania and Kenya. [learn more]

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Past Projects

Follow this link for details of our past projects.