The Kesho Trust

Almatasia Camp

The Kesho Trust has been actively involved with our partner the Enguserosambu Forest Trust in the development of a tourist camp.  Almatasia Camp is now becoming a reality after months of community discussions and mobilization.

It is a new concept – one that supports the community to develop, operate and manage their own business to deliver community benefits.  The typical concept in Africa is for investors to come, utilize the land and resources of the communities and spin off benefits to the community after making their own profit.  The people of Enguserosambu Ward have seen that model before and were not interested in giving up land and resources for the benefit of others.  It was challenging to convince them that this model was different and that they were in total control.  But that challenge has been overcome and the construction is well underway.  The people of the village are building the camp out of materials from their own forest and will realize their own benefits.  It is a process that is hugely rewarding to see.

However, providing a camp for international tourists means facilities and services that go beyond what the local village is used to and what they can provide from their own resources.  They would appreciate your help.  Click on the image below to look at our video and then contribute if you can to support the Maasai of Enguserosambu Ward and the development of Almatasia Camp.