The Kesho Trust

who we are

our vision:

  • a world where healthy, strong communities live in harmony with their environment and are instrumental in ensuring that the protected areas and conservation lands they live alongside are thriving and achieving the objectives for which they were established.

our mission:

  • to facilitate and support community led activities that foster positive relationships between local communities and the conservation of their protected areas. We work with community organizations and individuals to facilitate and enhance their capacity to achieve long term sustainability of community based conservation and development initiatives.

where we work

Kesho Trust Canada

The Kesho Trust Canada as an international organization works to support local partners in sub-Saharan Africa. For the last 15 years our much focus has supported conservation and development initiatives in Tanzania.

Kesho Trust Tanzania

The Kesho Trust is registered as local NGO in Tanzania that works independently but with major support from Kesho Trust Canada in terms of capacity and program development, fundraising, and networking. The Kesho Trust Tanzania is registered to work in Tanzania mainland. Our projects have been implemented along the coast, central and northern regions of the country, mainly with indigenous local communities living adjacent protected areas.

projects & partnerships

We work through established partnerships as well as in project activity. our partnerships are the backbone of the Kesho Trust because they are the long term commitments that can realize the strengthening of organizations, cooperation and relationships that will endure. The projects are shorter term means whereby we can work on building those partnerships. We are pleased to be developing a strong group of partnerships that are benefiting ourselves and our partners [see partnerships and projects].