The Kesho Trust


The partnership between the Kesho Trust and Saving Africa’s Nature [SANA] is founded on the shared commitment of the two organizations to both environmental conservation and sustainable community development. Discussions between Bruce Downie [Director, Kesho Trust] and Costa Coucoulis and Mark Evans [Directors, SANA] began in 2006 before Saving Africa’s Nature had officially been formed. The organization was registered in 2008 and then efforts to identify specific areas of collaboration began in earnest.

Saving Africa’s Nature developed from a commitment of Saadani Park Lodge to community outreach. SANA’s, Ally Abdallah has been an active leader for the organization in the implementation and coordination of SANA’s activities. The organization focuses its work currently in the area of Saadani National Park.

Together the Kesho Trust and Saving African Nature are engaged in the community involvement elements of the Protected Areas and Poverty Reduction Research Alliance research program [see PAPR] and are working together on other community based initiatives such as an environmental education centre.

The Kesho Trust is very pleased to be partnered with Saving Africa’s Nature and believes that our shared values and goals will be a key to the successes we will achieve.

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