MA in Geography, Carleton University (2009), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

BA in Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Dar es Salaam (2007), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Peter completed his Masters of Arts Degree in Geography at Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada with concentration on natural resources management and community development. His thesis examined the conflicting land use and management objectives in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area of Northern Tanzania. This research revealed that conflicts in this area are complex and dynamic and reflect differing views on the purpose and importance of the conservation area between the two main stakeholders, the indigenous Maasai and the conservation managers. Upon his return to Tanzania, Peter worked extensively with various international and local conservation and development organizations, including the African Wildlife Foundation, the African Conservation Center, Chem Chem Association, and Enduimet Community Wildlife Management Area.

As a Director of the Kesho Trust, Peter is installing his ideas of working and supporting the local communities to harness benefits of conservation initiatives for their own socio-economic development. He applies his experience in wildlife conservation, human-wildlife conflict mitigations, research and ecological monitoring, and community development.

His work at the Kesho Trust involves coordinating the KT’s functions: promoting economic and community development, community-based conservation, conservation education, climate change education and research. Further to this, Peter works hard to develop and maintain partnerships with other key stakeholders (including communities, donors and other partners) to achieve the goals of the organization. He is led by the belief that, together we can shape conservation and community development to protect areas endowed with vast natural resources, and is motivated to see positive change in the attitudes of communities and protected areas managers.