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As part of our project activities, the Kesho Trust has engaged with a variety of project partners. With many of these organizations we continue to be connected through information sharing and developing expanding relationships through project activities. The following organizations / networks are those with whom we are currently most active.

Carcross / Tagish First Nation (C/TFN)

We first connected with Carcross / Tagish First Nation during the Maasai tour in Canada during 2019. Subsequently, they participated in the Indigenous Knowledge Bridging of Land and Water Governance project. The relationship between C/TFN and the Maasai communities we work with is growing stronger and we anticipate further activities together in the future.

Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN)

The Kesho Trust was invited to join the CCRN initiative in 2015. Already a global network with study sites on 5 continents, the program was coordinated by St. Mary’s University with funding from SSHRC. The Kesho Trust attended network meetings in BC, Canada as well as making presentations at the closing project conference in Halifax, Canada in 2020 in conjunction with our partner, the Enguserosambu Forest Trust. The network continues to share information and events and the Kesho Trust shares its current activities throughout the network via the CCRN newsletter.

Some resources associated with our participation in the network are:

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