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The development of an environmental learning centre adjacent to Saadani National Park north of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is a joint project of the Kesho Trust and Saving Africa’s Nature [SANA]. The Kesho Trust and SANA are working in cooperation with the village of Mkange and the park management of Saadani National Park on the project.

We believe this project is very important especially in the Saadani area at this time. Without concerted efforts towards understanding the character, quality and fragility of the environment, there will continue to be devastating impacts from rapid development activity in the area that will compromise environmental values. Helping the local people understand the importance of sustaining the environment that supports them is a key mission for the centre.

In 2012 a bridge was put in crossing the Wami River putting Dar es Salaam’s over 5 million people virtually on the doorstep of Saadani National Park.  This puts a great deal of pressure on the small and fragile national park and on the surrounding villages who will experience increasing demands on land, production and development from a neighbouring urban market.  The implications are significant. Kihembe can assist the communities to manage their resources and implement sustainable livelihoods in the face of such pressures.

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