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Desired Changes

The following long term outcomes are anticipated from the project:

  • increased understanding of conservation and its relationship to and support for community development and livelihoods
  • improved relationship between the parks agency and surrounding communities to greater cooperation and respect, with greater appreciation of the contributions of communities in management policy
  • increased flow of benefits to communities from park conservation

To achieve these project outcomes, the following objectives have been identified:

  • to develop and implement a public awareness program that builds greater understanding of protected areas and parks policy and management principles and practices in the Saadani area;
  • to raise awareness among park agency staff that builds a greater appreciation of the impacts of conservation on communities;
  • to engage community people and agency staff to develop programming within the Saadani National Park area;
  • build the capacity of locally established research committees to lead in the implementation of community based programming; and,
  • develop links to other organizations working on similar issues and with similar media.

Given that Saadani National Park is only one of many in Tanzania that face similar challenges in the relationship between park management and communities, this project will serve as a model for how such relationships can be improved for the benefit of both communities and the agency.

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