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The Kesho Trust partnered with Sustainable Cities International [SCI] in the Sustainable Cities International Africa Program [SCINAP] funded by CIDA.

This project has now completed and final reports are being prepared.  We will post further materials about the wrap up of the project as they become available.  Read on for an overview of the work undertaken over the past three years.

The project brought together the cities of Durban, South Africa, Dakar, Senegal, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as part of the PLUS network in Africa. The Kesho Trust joined in the network as the local community partner organization with CSI in Tanzania.

For a series of event reports throughout the project, check out what’s happening in our Dar es Salaam project.

The purpose of the project was threefold:

  • to improve governance through capacity building of local governments and their stakeholders, including women
  • to address poverty and environmental impacts of rapid urbanization through community based initiatives, and
  • to accelerate the transfer of learning from city to city through the Sustainable Cities: PLUS Network

The activities related to the three main program components were:

  • Governance: capacity building through peer exchanges, training & workshops; multi-stakeholder and participatory processes at the local government level;
  • Environmental Sustainability: Planning and implementation of activities related to Community Demonstration Seed Funds; Capacity building through training workshops, local peer exchanges particularly between women’s groups and youth groups.
  • Transfer of Knowledge: Training workshops, consultations and peer exchanges between cities in the Sustainable Cities: PLUS Network; a Biennial Conference, web dialogues, and documentation and sharing of cases, policies, plans, programs and technologies.

Staff in the Kesho Trust office in Dar es Salaam provided leadership and administrative responsibilities in the implementation of this project over the 3 year project [Oct./2010 – Sept./2012].

For more information visit the ICSC website: Sustainable Cities.

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