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Tanzania Field School – International Development Week

February 8, 2020

Youth and Students in Global Development: Experiences Beyond the Classroom

This event took place on February 4th, 2020, during International Development Week, at the University of Victoria, and was co-sponsored by the UVic Department of Global Development Studies (GDS), the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI), and VIDEA. The purpose of this event was to showcase the experiences of youth and students who have been engaged in global development and international experiential learning. The event was a panel discussion featuring two interns from CAPI, one intern from VIDEA, and a student (Paula Rasmussen) who participated in the UVic Geography Field School in Tanzania. After a discussion about global development and an overview of the CAPI and VIDEA internship programs, Paula gave a short presentation on the Tanzania field school, which included a summary of the locations and activities of the filed school, an overview of the important work that NGOs – such as the Kesho Trust and its partner organizations – are involved with in Tanzania, and a reflection on the most significant take-aways from the field school. This presentation was followed by questions from students who are interested in pursuing global development work or participating in similar international experiential learning opportunities.

Paula`s presentation

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