The Kesho Trust


The partnership between the Kesho Trust and the Pastoralist Livelihoods Programme, [PALISEP], Tanzania, is developing. We are working at developing practical project initiatives that will reflect the shared values of our organizations. The priority of PALISEP is to find ways of supporting the establishment and effective management of their of Enguserosambu village lands, especially through their their Community Forest Committee.

Recent discussions and ideas for joint efforts are producing results.  A meeting between Kesho Trust representatives and PALISEP representatives took place in February, 2014 [see Planning with PALISEP]].  Upcoming activities that resulted from our discussions will also be posted as they develop and you can keep updated by signing up for our newsletter.

We are hopeful that with increased resources our work with PALISEP will increase significantly and link effectively with our partnerships with other Maasai communities.

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