Brent Liddle

Haines Junction, Yukon

Brent worked as park interpreter in Elk Island and Jasper National Parks, Alberta, before moving to Kluane, Yukon, where he developed facilities and services, as the manager of Interpretive Services for the newly created National Park, later designated a World Heritage Site. Brent had an outstanding career with Parks Canada and is recognized as an excellent communicator, teacher and leader. Well versed in the philosophical foundations of interpretation and with strong technical skills, he contributes both expertise and a real passion for the learning opportunities associated with heritage and the environment.

For over 35 years Brent has helped others gain an insight of the environment. Based on keen observation and curiosity, coupled with an artistic eye, Brent interprets the common things that surround us and turns them into the extraordinary. His unique approach to interpretation helps everyone “think outside the box” revealing new meanings and relationships.

Since leaving Parks Canada Brent has been involved in a number of international assignments related to: The Mountain Institute, Kathmandu, Qomolangma Nature Preserve (Mt. Everest), Tibet; Bonampak Natural Monument & Culturia, Chiapas, Mexico; and, Charles Darwin Research Station, Galapagos, Ecuador. He has also volunteered with the Kesho Trust initially on an eco-tourism planning assignment in Zambia and subsequently developing site concepts and storylines for two visitor interpretation facilities in Tanzania – the World Elephant Centre and Kihembe.

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