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“It is only for the love and compassion that I have towards my community which made me think of being responsible to them. I am responsible” (Emmanuel ole Kileli, 2006)

pounding maizeEreto Maasai Youth (EMAYO) is a Tanzanian based not for profit organisation aiming to improve livelihoods in pastoral societies by working to harness the skills and knowledge that exist within communities. Its activities target education, water supply, human rights, and economic development because these are the issues that pastoralists communities are themselves raising. 

With a special focus on youth, children and women’s empowerment EMAYO is helping to promote a people free from poverty, living in harmony, with a recognized, productive and well governed sustainable livelihoods system.

Who we are

Our organisation was set up in 2005 by a group of young Maasai people. Each of us is concerned about the communities in which we live and want to find ways to promote improvements in living conditions whilst helping to preserve and promote our culture and way of life.

Our Mission is:

To achieve improved livelihoods in pastoral societies, through designing with communities projects that target education, water supply, human rights, and economic development.

Our Vision is:

A people free from poverty, living in harmony, with a recognized, productive and well governed sustainable livelihoods system.

men by fireOur Objectives are:

  • to design and implement community projects targeting youth, children, women and old people
  • to improve their quality of life
  • to improve the quality and relevance of education for Maasai girls and boys and to create increased opportunities for them to go to school
  • to build the organisational capacity of Maasai community groups (and other organizations) so that they can carry out advocacy, build partnerships and create their own development programs (development for health issues)
  • to work with other organizations and networks to contribute to the creation of favourable policies for human development in and outside Tanzania
  • to design and implement projects that create links between human rights, economic justice, and development

The people we serve

EMAYO supports community initiatives in the Maasai pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities of Kilindi District.  Our programs have significant impacts on all community memebrs.  However, we are very conscious of the most vulnerable members of our communities and we especially target:

  • youth who are the today and tomorrow leaders of the society
  • women who are discriminated and also major players in support of pastoralist livelihood
  • children and the disabled people who are the most vulnerable group in the society

Our partners

EMAYO has formed many alliances and been supported through cooperation with a variety of organizations – all of which are listed below.

  • The Kesho Trust – Tanzania/Canada
  • Care International – Tanzania
  • UNDP – Tanzania
  • Kilindi District Council – Kilindi, Tanzania
  • TAPHGO – Tanzania
  • SWEAT – Kiteto District, Tanzania
  • HAKIARDHI – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • CEDECOTA – Moshi, Tanzania
  • AMREF – Kilindi, Tanzania
  • UWEZO – Tanzania
  • TALA – Tanzania
  • Planet Children – Germany

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