The Kesho Trust

The Kesho Trust

The Kesho Trust works to build community based understanding and action that strengthens the interrelationships between people and the natural environment.

Here are some current activities in our active projects.

PECC (Promoting Environmental Conservation and Cooperation)

workshopAs a follow up to the case study documentation prepared last fall IUCN provided a grant to support the visit of representatives of LTC who met with our PECC committee representatives to share experience of community based tourism locally and in comparable situations internationally. Peter Millanga, PECC Project Coordinator, facilitated the meetings with the assistance of Director Karen Clyde. The process also included a community based tourism training workshop which was designed and led by KT [Tz] Director Agnes Sirima. Two volunteers participated in the activities as well and they provided perspectives on their experience – Matthias Lein-Clyde [Whitehorse, Yukon] and Penina Mairo [Dar es Salaam, Tanzania]. A report on the activities under the IUCN grant summarizes the results.

Kihembe Environmental Learning Centre

kihembe siteOur partner organization SANA has linked us with architectural designers, Konstantin Ikonomidis and Christopher Paxton, who are assisting us in the process of detailed designs for the Kihembe site development based on the conceptual design report prepared by our volunteer Brent Liddle. Discussions are ongoing and we anticipate having a design package later this year. Meetings between SANA and Kesho Trust will review and promote the package in a search for funding support.  Kihembe projectKihembe website

Enguserosambu Forest Trust (EFT)

EFTWe have signed a partnership agreement with the Enguserosambu Forest Trust [EFT] of Tanzania’s Ngorongoro District and are currently developing a work plan and budget for a capacity building program that includes some major project activities around traditional knowledge mapping and land management practices. The EFT was established to take on responsibility for managing the community forest lands for the four villages of the area. The developing program is based on the initial work undertaken by our volunteer Lindsay Staples who visited the area in November of last year and worked with the EFT members.

CCRN (Community Conservation Research Network)

ccrnThe CCRN provides a series of newsletters of the activities of participating researchers in the project and posts them on their website. As an affiliate organization in the network, the Kesho Trust has participated in activities such as the project meeting in Tofino last year and provided an annual report on our project activities in the Saadani area. A community story for the Saadani research area is under development and will be hosted on the CCRN website soon.

I-CAN (Institutional Canopy of Conservation)

The Kesho Trust has a responsibility within the I-CAN project for the Loliondo study area in conjunction with our partner PALISEP and the University of Victoria [UVic]. An MA student at UVic, Emmanuel Ole Kileli, Chair of our partner organization EMAYO, is supported within the project and is currently conducting his research data collection in the Loliondo area. Director Bruce Downie is serving on Emmanuel’s thesis committee.


The Kesho Trust is a Canadian charity (89531 6206 RR0001).
The Kesho Trust (Tz) is our locally registered NGO in Tanzania