The Kesho Trust

The Kesho Trust

The Kesho Trust works to build community based understanding and action that strengthens the interrelationships between people and the natural environment.

Here are some current activities in our active projects.

PECC (Promoting Environmental Conservation and Cooperation)pecc 020 ed

A representative from the Foundation for Civil Society [the funder for this project] visited in the field recently. She attended meetings in Matipwili and Gongo with the community committees there. Community committee members were able to explain their growing environmental awareness and community based activities. They described the progress they have made through the interactions with the park, their previous visit to agencies and organizations in Dar es Salaam and the development of awareness raising activities conducted in their communities.

Kihembe Environmental Learning Centre

Kihembe visited - c - cWe were fortunate recently to have Dr. Jane Goodall visit Kihembe.  As one of our ambassadors for the centre her interest and support is very much appreciated.  She came to see how our development at the centre is progressing.  We owe a special thanks to our partners SANA, in particular Costa Coucoulis and his staff member Ally Abdallah for making this visit possible.  Peter Millanga, our staff member, was on hand for the visit and is pictured here with Dr. Jane Goodall and Costa.  We continue to assemble funds for the next phase of development include some group meeting facilities along with additional accommodation.  You can help us keep the momentum going by donating on this website at: donate .  For further information on Kihembe follow these links to our project page or to the dedicated Kihembe website:  Kihembe projectKihembe website

I-CAN (Institutional Canopy of Conservation)047 ed

The I-CAN project has recently hired a coordinator, Mordecai Ogada, to oversee the work of the program in Africa. He will be based at the African Centre for Conservation (ACC) based in Kenya. The coordination role is significant given the many partner organizations, study areas and issues being addressed within the program. The first newsletter has also been released which describes the breadth of the activities to date as the program becomes more firmly established. The project is promoting research in the borderlands between Tanzania and Kenya to understand the relationships between conservation and livelihoods among the pastoralists of the region. Our partner PALISEP has also joined with the Kesho Trust as a collaborating organization in the program.

CCRN (Community Conservation Research Network)

15.06.04 119 cAs an affiliate member of the CCRN, the Kesho Trust was invited to join a midterm workshop held in Tofino, BC. Director, Bruce Downie attended on behalf of the Kesho Trust and presented research work being done in the Saadani area of Tanzania. He also described our participation in the I-CAN research initiative in northern Tanzania that is just getting underway. Researchers from almost all the sites of the CCRN from around the world attended the workshop to share the results of their work. The meeting also focused on the next stages of the project and members joined in thematic teams to plan coordinated activities and build further collaborations to address research issues of common interest.


The Kesho Trust is a Canadian charity (89531 6206 RR0001).
The Kesho Trust (Tz) is our locally registered NGO in Tanzania