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Improving Community Awareness and Advocacy on Disability [ICAAD]

Over two years a number of KT (Tz) staff and volunteers, worked on a pilot project (funded by the Accountability in Tanzania Program – AcT) aimed at developing the capacity of organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs) and their members to become more effective community action groups at district and ward level.

In Moshi, Hai, Morogoro and Kilombero KT (Tz) staff supported DPOs to carry out a variety of different activities, including action research and community awareness raising, which resulted in an increased appreciation by community members and local leaders of the need to include persons with disabilities in their actions.

Building on the success of the pilot, KT(Tz) along with DPOs at national and district level, developed a follow on project called ‘Improving Community Awareness and Advocacy on Disability’ (ICAAD) to enable the work to continue and expand. This project was funded by the Accountability in Tanzania Programme [AcT].  Their support was much appreciated.

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During October of 2014, an external consultant, Sue Enfield, conducted a learning and impact evaluation of the ICAAD project as part of the ICAAD II extension.  This report provides insights into what seemed to be working well and where future endeavours could be strengthened for better and more sustainable results.  The final report is available here.  ICAAD Assessment Report.

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